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NEA Academic

Our academic network are working with us to establish the research base for neurodiversity and entrepreneurship, connecting with other academic researchers in the area with a view to collaboration and partnership. Academic membership enables researchers to showcase their research to a global audience, and to be the first to hear about publication opportunities in the field. 

Benefits include invitations to our quarterly online meetings, member-only content in the NEA monthly newsletter, and the opportunity to contribute a guest blog about their work. For more information, please click here

NEA Entrepreneur - Bronze, Silver & Gold

If you are running your own business, or considering it, then we can help with a wide range of specialised services. Set up to celebrate the work of neurodivergent self-employed entrepreneurs and to provide advice and guidance about neurodiversity and entrepreneurship, our Silver & Gold programmes include a dedicated work coach with experience of neurodiversity who will work with you to identify goals and priorities, and meet with you online every month to monitor progress; a business mentor who works with neurodivergent entrepreneurs; and referrals to infrastructure partners who have been vetted by the NEA so you don't have to spend time finding the right provider to support your business. If you are not yet ready for coaching and mentoring, but would like to access our services, you can choose our Bronze programme. For more information, please click here. 

NEA Organisations

If your organisation would like to become NEA members, we offer a wide range of services including neurodiversity awareness training, advice about neurodivergent-friendly working spaces and staff development. Contact us to discuss a bespoke package. 

Our services are open to anyone with an interest in neurodiversity and entrepreneurship.

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