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Our Partners

We are happy to work with other organisations that support our mission.

We are Able Admin – a Business Support and Virtual Assistant service for neurodiverse and small business owners.

We work with business owners who are self-funding and funded through the Access to Work scheme.

Our team can help with a long-list of tasks that take up time and can cause stress and anxiety for business owners. Sometimes business owners know they need help but don’t know what to outsource, some don’t know what services we offer and some think it may be a long and drawn out process. Our team are here to help make the process quick and efficient and add value to your business. 

We love working with businesses across all sectors and enjoy the variety in the subjects and the outsourced tasks. We help with anything from streamlining your processes to drafting newsletters and blogs.


NEOSITY is a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to connecting neurodivergent individuals with welcoming employers, coaches, NGOs, and consulting companies. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including tailored job listings, career development resources, and mentorship opportunities. NEOSITY highlights the unique strengths of neurodiverse talents, fostering an environment where they can thrive. Through its collaborative network, NEOSITY creates meaningful career opportunities and supports personal growth, ensuring that diverse abilities are recognized and valued. Explore more at NEOSITY.

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