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Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski

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Founder of ‘Thinking Light Coach', certified Neurodiverse coach, consultant and TEDx speaker.

Introducing Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski, a Project Manager and founder of 'Thinking Light Coach', who also served as co-founder and co-lead of the Neurodiversity Network (NDN) at GSK.  


In her role at NDN, Danielle spearheads initiatives to empower neurodiverse individuals within the organisation. Danielle's mission is to create a space where neurodiverse people feel not only empowered but actively leverage their unique cognitive strengths.  Her expertise in neurodiversity spans multiple domains: certified as an ICF ACC coach, consultant, TEDx speaker, and trainer.  


Leveraging her extensive 18-year corporate career and personal experience as a neurodiverse individual, Danielle supports individuals, facilitates groups, and offers invaluable insights to organisations seeking to create a more neuro-inclusive workplace culture.

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