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Welcome to NEA24!


We are delighted to welcome you to our first neurodiversity and entrepreneurship conference, available in-person at Nottingham University Business School and virtually.

We look forward to hosting an exciting line-up of guest speakers from the worlds of academia, entrepreneurship, coaching and neurodivergent advocacy. Whilst acknowledging the challenges involved in being a neurodivergent entrepreneur (or those considering self-employment), we want to celebrate the great things going on in the field, bringing together a varied audience with an interest in the exciting things that can happen when neurodiversity and entrepreneurship come together. 

Our objectives for the day are to disseminate some of the latest academic research in the area, to share best practice in nurturing neurodivergent entrepreneurship through coaching and mentoring, and to gain an understanding of where entrepreneurship and self-employment fit in the wider neurodivergency landscape. 

Make sure you are signed up to the NEA mailing list for further updates. 

Many thanks to our speakers for joining us, and to Nottingham University Business School for their support. 

Rob Edwards, CEO, Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship Association

Dr Lorna Treanor, Founder, Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

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