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The NEA exists to bring together a wide range of conversations about two very broad areas - neurodiversity and entrepreneurship - and the exciting things that can happen when both these fields come together. 

We work with academics, business owners and policymakers to showcase, celebrate and nurture neurodivergent business.

The NEA brings together academic researchers, entrepreneurs, business people and policymakers. Anyone with an interest in the area is very welcome to join our mailing list. The NEA provides a meeting place for all those with an interest in neurodiversity and entrepreneurship.

We establish the research base for the area, connecting academic researchers and showcasing global research;

We celebrate neurodivergent entrepreneurship and self-employment;

We inform policy and practice in the area of neurodiversity and entrepreneurship.


Based in the UK, the Association has a global reach.

​To read about our mission, please click here

Our policies are here.

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