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Charter of Conduct

Last reviewed: January 2024

Any queries, please contact us

We want everybody to feel safe and welcomed at the NEA. We expect all our members, and non-members who engage with the NEA, to behave with integrity and respect for others at all times. 

The Charter applies to anyone who engages with the NEA in ways including, but not limited to, attendance at any events, training courses, and also online interaction.

All members are asked to agree with the terms of this Charter when they become members. Attendees at NEA events, whether they are members or not, are required to agree to this code of conduct when registering for an event.

Expected conduct and behaviours of the NEA

1. Respect others: Treat all members of the NEA community with respect, regardless of their background, gender, race, religion, or any other characteristic. Refrain from making derogatory comments or engaging in inappropriate behaviour. The NEA will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form, and will take action against anyone found to be engaging in such activity.

2. Be mindful of other people’s experiences: Appreciate that many people within the NEA community find networking challenging, and that a courteous and encouraging approach can set people at ease. Do not monopolise the time of any one attendee. During online and in-person sessions and workshops, maintain an appropriate noise level to avoid disrupting others. Allow time and space for all attendees to contribute, and do not dominate the conversation. 

3. Participate actively: Engage actively in discussions, ask relevant questions, and share your experiences and knowledge with others. We recognise that this may be more difficult for some than others, and it is perfectly acceptable to ‘sit out’ of an activity if you wish.

4. Use appropriate language: Avoid using profanity, hate speech, or any language that can be considered offensive or discriminatory. Avoid humour which could be interpreted in a negative or discriminatory way. Avoid misogyny, misandry and sexist language. 

5. Respect intellectual property: Do not use or reproduce any material that you encounter via the NEA without permission from the person who created it.

6. Network professionally: Use the NEA as an opportunity to network and make professional connections. Exchange details, introduce yourself, and engage in conversations in a respectful and professional manner.

We want everyone who encounters the NEA to feel  comfortable, respected, and engaged. By following these guidelines, you can contribute to a positive and productive conference experience for all participants.

Any concerns or questions

If you feel that behaviour from other event attendees is falling short of the expected conduct in this Charter, please follow one of the following options that makes you most comfortable. All reports are treated confidentially. 
Contact us at (this goes to Rob Edwards, CEO)

If you would prefer to raise concerns anonymously, we invite you to set up a new free email address with Gmail or a similar provider. 


If you are at an NEA training session or event, you can raise your concerns with the organising team. This can be to the NEA representative(s) present.

We will be able to explain what we can do to support you and the action that we will take.

Consequences of unacceptable behaviour
We reserve the right to take action against anyone who does not behave in a way that is in keeping with this Charter of Conduct. All concerns and/or complaints will be investigated, and, where somebody is asked to cease any inappropriate behaviour and this is not done, they will be excluded from the NEA. We also reserve the right to work with the police if this becomes necessary, and, if applicable, to inform employers about the case.

July 2023

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