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NEA at Mastering Diversity, Wales' 1st Diversity & Inclusion conference

CEO Rob Edwards will be a keynote speaker at Cardiff City Hall on September the 18th at Wales' first diversity and inclusion conference.

Organiser Bernie Davies explains, '"Mastering Diversity" is not about is personal. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion affects us all in many different ways. It is as relevant to children as it is to adults. It is important to farmers, tech experts, the religious, Charity and third sector workers and those involved in politics and innovation. It affects gender and gender equality proponents. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion also is a socio-economic and social welfare matter'.

'Wales is very diverse and has been going through an awakening in respect of the importance of focusing on deliberate diversity but there is a lot left to be done. In order to change something within the society, we must do it from the ground up. The critical mass, the Global Majority, commerce, entrepreneurship and technology are just a few key imperatives. But, it starts with the people, with our communities and true engagement'.

Registration for the conference is now open at

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