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ND Training - Hull City Council

Rob Edwards, CEO of the NEA, recently completed four bite-size training sessions over a month on neurodiversity awareness, neurodivergent entrepreneurship and neurodivergent employees in organisational contexts for Hull City Council's youth enterprise and business advice team.

Rob led the team in putting together an ND manifesto for their area. The start-up teams are now NEA partners as a result of their NEA training.

"The youth enterprise and microbusiness team and the business advice team at Hull City Council found the training extremely useful as we are determined to work with more aspiring entrepreneurs who areneurodivergent as part of our commitment to meeting the aspirations laid down in the Charter for inclusive entrepreneurship and we are proud to be now a partner with the neurodiversity & entrepreneurship association (NEA) and would recommend that all organisations who are giving business support to undertake the training available from them in order to provide an inclusive service."

Charles Cracknell - Youth Enterprise & Microbusiness Manager, Hull City Council

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