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Meet our West Yorkshire superstars!

Rob, the NEA Chief Exec, is taking a selfie of all the participants of the West Yorkshire group meeting. Everyone is sat at tables and smiling.

A few weeks ago, we brought together our group of amazing neurodivergent entrepreneurs from across West Yorkshire for our first in-person event.

It was a relaxed and supportive environment in which group members could share their entrepreneurial stories and often their experiences (quite often challenging) of working in an organisational setting that wasn't serving them. The programme has been funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority as it does more to reach underrepresented groups in its business support activities.

A member of the group is standing and talking about her employment experience.

We heard from members of the group who had already been running their own businesses for years and many who had the first inkling of a business idea and wanted to plan for future development.

As members took the plunge and introduced themselves, they were met with applause, friendship and offers of network connections.

A member of the group is talking about her business. She wears a white top and people are listening to her.

Rob Edwards, CEO, and Claire Butcher, NEA Head of Coaching & Training, facilitated the meeting. Discussions ranged from imposter syndrome, through rejection dysphoria, to dealing with overwhelm. Throughout the meeting, group members were happy to share their experiences and support their fellow entrepreneurs.

Rob commented, "The creativity and enthusiasm in the room was amazing. For our first in-person meeting, I wasn't sure what to expect but I wanted to make sure that everyone in the group had the chance to be heard and to know that they had something important to share. It's fantastic working with such a talented and energised group of people".

A group member is standing at the front of the meeting room and talking about his business

The programme runs through to July, after which the NEA will share feedback from participants about what it's really like to be a neurodivergent entrepreneur today in West Yorkshire. This will then inform change in the offer of Enterprise West Yorkshire and the NEA itself.

If your organisation is working to nurture neurodivergent entrepreneurial talent, please get in touch to discuss how the NEA can help.

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