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Calling neurodivergent business owners in West Yorkshire

We are very excited to be working with West Yorkshire Combined Authority to bring together a group of amazing neurodivergent business owners to celebrate what they're doing and to shed light on what our current challenges look like.

The Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship Association is run from Shipley near Bradford, and we would be delighted to hear from neurodivergent entrepreneurs throughout West Yorkshire who would like to join us on a 9-month programme from December 2023 to July 2024 that will celebrate neurodivergent self-employment, and support them to achieve the success that they deserve.

You may already be running your own business or have the start of a business idea that you'd like to explore in a creative and supportive environment. You don't need to have a formal diagnosis of a neurodivergent condition. Find out more about the NEA here to see what we're all about!

Set up to celebrate the work of neurodivergent self-employed entrepreneurs and to provide advice and guidance about neurodiversity and entrepreneurship, our programme includes assigning a dedicated work coach with experience of neurodiversity who will work with you to identify goals and priorities, and meet with you online every month to monitor progress; a business mentor who works with neurodivergent entrepreneurs; and referrals to infrastructure partners who have been vetted by the NEA so you don't have to spend time finding the right provider to support your business.

At the end of this programme, your feedback will be shared anonymously with the team at West Yorkshire Combined Authority so that the benefits and successes of being a neurodivergent entrepreneur can be highlighted, along with the gaps in current business support for neurodivergent business owners.

The project group is strictly limited to twenty. To express interest and to find out more, please contact us at We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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