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Tamsin Crook

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Tamsin is a career coach and has been working in independent practice since 2009. She undertook a MSc Career Management and Coaching 2018, and from this programme recently published her research, along with her supervisor, Prof Almuth McDowall, which explored the career successes and strengths of adults with ADHD.


This experience was a catalyst for further research ambitions and she is now studying for an MSc Psychology, looking to specialise in coaching psychology. If no one gets there first, she'd love to focus her MSc research on the entrepreneurship experiences of ADHDers (predominantly inattentive type).


She works with a range of clients, and has a particular interest in supporting NDers, bringing both lived experience (she was diagnosed ADHD in 2017), and significant professional development. She is a registered career development professional (through Career Development Institute), and ICF accredited. She lives outside London with her three ND boys, her husband, and an incredibly tolerant dog. When not studying, or working in her practice, or wrangling teenage boys, she loves a bit of gardening. Particularly when avoiding an essay deadline..... 

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